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AboutWe have pleasure in ten thousand d


Ten thousand d chemical co., LTD. Is located in hubei hin thorough fares of nine provinces in the big city----Wuhan。The company products sales network in wuhan as the center,Radiation to the central China region,All over the country,With foreign many large enterprises have long-term friendly business relations。Hubei xin ten thousand d chemical co., LTD. Is a company with many years experience in chemical industry marketing and market awareness high chemical company。 The company insisted that take honestly as this,Treat people with courtesy,Get in the industry acclaim。This is a company withHubei alkali、Melamine、Phenol、Formic acid、Phosphoric acid、Sodium chlorate、Ammonium chloride、Soda ash、Sodium sulphate、Cellulose、Sodium molybdate、Ammonium molybdate products as the leading factor......

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