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Shandong xin yasumizu processing technology co., LTD
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  Shandong xin yasumizu processing technology co., LTD(The original of zaozhuang xin yasumizu processing technology co., LTD)Was built in2008Years, Is one of the major water treatment chemicals producer in China。The company has realized the product research and development、Production、Sales and series of services such as water treatment engineering solutions。Products are widely used in electric power、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Textiles、Paper making、Washing、Building materials and other fields。The company has independent import and export right,A lot of our products are exported to all over the world,Our customers get the recognition and praise。
  Over the years,The company has always been with tianjin chemical research institute、Nanjing university of technology and so on many universities and research institutes maintain close relations of cooperation,To devote themselves to the research and development of advanced water treatment technology,The company is equipped with chemistry lab and application lab。The company has five patents of invention,Industrial production is realized,The three management system is established(ISO9001Quality management system、ISO14001Environmental management system、18001Occupational health and safety management system)。

Xintai corporate vision:Rely on the power of water treatment chemicals,To make the world more secure、More clean、More green。
Xintai management idea:Cooperation Win-win situation Development。 Xintai management goal:Global water treatment chemical suppliers,Become the most excellent water treatment industry
The producers。
The target customer:Global peers and water treatment dealers、Distributors,Don't do end customers。
Characteristic service: 1.Provide water quality analysis、The formula screening、Operation scheme、Water treatment engineering design and other technical support。 2.Provide product research and development、Custom、Incoming sample processing、The mixed,All production completed by xintai。

·Wastewater decolorizing agentXT-202·Wastewater decolorizing agent XT-201
·Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor、DispersantXT-191·Sulphur thiazole truxene(Sodium) MBT(Na)
·High-effect fungicide XT-406·Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 1227
·Hydroxy ethyl fork phosphonic acid  HEDP·Hydrochloric acid pickling corrosion inhibitors
·Drilling fluid corrosion inhibitor ·Steel corrosion scale inhibitor XT-601
·Bacteria and algae·High temperature acidizing fluid corrosion inhibitor XT-105
·Neutral cleaning in advance without a stop XT-701·Oilfield water flooding back special scale inhibitors XT-607
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Our products include:Scale inhibitors,Algae fungicidal,Corrosion inhibitor,Water treatment agent,Dispersant,Cleaning agent,In advance,Chelating agent,HEDP,ATMP,EDTMPS,HPMA,PBTCA,AA/AMPS
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